About Us

woodsonlogoWoodson Auto is a family owned and operated business. Tommy’s daughter, Krystal, is the secretary. His son, Thomas Jr., and his wife, Dianne, also helps with sales and office work, as they are needed. Tommy also manages all aspects of the dealership to ensure customers receive the quality they deserve.

Independent Auto-Dealer Tommy Woodson only sells late model, pre-owned cars that comply with his motto: “Where Quality is preferred over Quantity”.  When people come to Woodson Auto, they expect to purchase a nice vehicle. That is exactly what customers get, quality vehicles that meet the highest standards.

Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association (VIADA) named Woodson Auto the 2006 Quality Dealer of the Year for District 2. It is not only just an award for selling quality cars. It also awards the quality of the dealership and the owner. This is the second time that Woodson Auto has received this honor. Tommy also won this award in 2000. Tommy has served as President of the VIADA District 2 and in other capacities of the VIADA.

Tommy Woodson has been in the automotive industry for over 40 years. However, he does not fit in with the stereotypical auto salesman. He doesn’t pressure customers into a decision. Tommy doesn’t believe in making a car look like new, he services the car so that it is like new. Tommy started his automotive career in 1970 at Bill Parrish Auto. He then went to work at McGuire Motors. In his early career he learned to sell used cars with pride, not pressure. While at McGuire Motors, he won the salesman of the year award seven times. Tommy then decided to open his own business. He built his lot in the same building where the original Bill Parrish Auto stood on Sandy Hook Rd.

Tommy Woodson is a member of the governor-appointed motor Vehicle Dealer Board. As a member of this Board, Tommy oversees the practices of both new and used automobile dealers throughout the state and enforces the rules and regulations of fair dealership. So, Tommy not only holds himself to high standards for his dealership, he enforces these same standards on other automobile dealers.